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Sparco Dry-Tech Helmet & FHR Bag / Dryer


The Sparco Helmet HANS bag is soft lined with space to hold a helmet and HANS® device.
Features subtle branding with 77 detailing showing the year that Sparco was established.

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The Sparco Dry-Tech Helmet & FHR Bag / Dryer is unique to Sparco with a clamshell design bag and features a 12v USB built in drying system. This system allows you to dry the inside of your helmet between sessions keeping it in the freshest state possible. With the ability to hold your helmet and FHR device, this is possibly the best FHR holdall on the market today.

  • 12v USB built in drying system
  • Fits a helmet and fhr device
  • Two grab handles and a padded shoulder strap

The bag also features a padded shoulder strap and two carry handles. It is made with a breathable protective padding and a racing suit style quilted material, additionally it comes with a customised Sparco inner lining.


*Does not come with helmet.