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Race Gloves

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Quality Race Gloves for Competitive Driving

Race gloves are a crucial part of driving competitively. It offers extra grip and protects against heat and flames. When you’re looking to take your performance to the next level in motorsport, you must invest in proper gloves. Racelime Motorsport Racewear is a reputable stockist of various car racing gloves from various manufacturers.

Why Choose Us for Motorsport Race Gloves

Believe it or not but people used to wear driving gloves even with normal day-to-day driving. That’s why Americans referred to the storage space in their cars as the ‘glove box’. While that trend has died over time, gloves are a necessity for motorsport. You can expect a pleasant, professional shopping experience when looking for your racing gloves.

  • As a leader in the motorsport racewear industry, we stock only reputable brands that we know and trust. You will find Alpinestars, OMP and Sparco options in our store.
  • With the OMP racing gloves, you can customise the prints to suit your style. However, there are multiple styles to select from, such as landrace, lap race and vintage race to mention a few.
  • All our gloves have innovative material construction to help reduce their weight. As a result, manoeuvring the steering wheel becomes easier. Elastic wrists on the OMP gloves, for example, make it easy to slip on and off as you require while offering a secure fit. OMP race gloves are pre-curved to reduce material bunching and pressure points.

Convenient shopping

Buy the race gloves you need for the next competition by shopping where you are. Use one of several available payment options, and we’ll ship your package to any location in the country.