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Helmets - Karting

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Invest in Go-Karting Helmets

There’s no doubt that go-karting is a fun activity that can eventually lead to competitive motorsport. Just like other professional sports like Formula One, protective gear is non-negotiable. For this reason, you must browse our range of go-karting helmets and select the ideal one for you. Raceline Motorsport Racewear is a retailer of everything you need to safely pursue go-karting, amongst other types of racing.

Only the Best Helmets for Karting

When you’re looking for high-quality helmets that your competitors are also using, there’s only one place to shop – our online store. These are some of the options you’ll find in our extensive catalogue.

  • The Arai SK-6 karting helmet is an entry-level option with a long list of features. It has a Complex Laminate Construction (CLC) shell, which is responsible for its strength. This helmet is highly durable and contains a unique ventilation system.
  • If you want something with a higher spec, the Stilo ST5 CMR helmet is the ideal product. This helmet is the successor of the ST4, which adds a new eye-port, reduced weight and improved safety. It features carbon kevlar material and has a set-up for microphone housing. The small shell version only weighs approximately 30 grams.
  • The Bell KC7 CMR is a helmet that meets the CMH standard that the FIA and Snell Memorial Foundation helped develop together. As a result, the helmet is extremely light yet safe to use for karting. We recommend these helmets for riders under the age of 18, while they’re mandatory for riders under the age of 15.

We Make it Easy for You

Apart from these three examples, we have several other options that you can use for karting. Try our online shopping experience, where you have multiple payment methods available for purchase, including paying through terms. We will deliver your new goods directly to your address anywhere in Australia.