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OMP Custom Race Suit: Embroidered or Printed (FIA or SFI)

Any of the OMP range of race suits can be custom printed or embroidered with your sponsors logos:

  • include your name and country flag on the belt
  • select standard or boot leg cuffs
  • select your own colour scheme to match your sponsors colours


OMP race suits are synomonous with quality, attention to detail, innovative materials and modern design, with more than thirty years’ production experience across a broad range of suits for drivers of all levels.

OMP uses the best technical fabrics and the result is a light, comfortable professional suit. Features include: Inner pockets, floating sleeves for maximum freedom of movement, inner moisture-wicking layers and the Stretch Dry System (available in the One Art and One S-1 models), that combines  elasticity of 3D materials with the breathability of the OMP Dry System: More comfort + less heat = better performance!

Any of the OMP range of race suits can be printed or embroidered with your logos, to your specifications and design. SFI Speedway suits can also include a raceiver pocket inside the suit and built in arm restraints.

Full custom fabric printing also available with the following models only:

One Art Race Suit: Completely printable fire retardant suit. Regular fit with ultraflat anti-rubbing seams, soft knitted fabric inside. High breathability, dry sytem 3D material on back, hips and under the sleeves. Sizes: 46-64

One Art Shoes: made with one piece of soft fire-retardant material or leather, no laces, elastic fit wtih adjustable velcro strap. Rear bellows for increased comfort, pivot heel design for smooth pedal actuation and high resistant side protction on tip and heel. Sizes: 37-48

One Art Gloves: Top level racing glove with fire retardant silicon rubber palm for maximum grip. Precurved, internal seams, slanted cut wrist with elastic band on the wrist. Sizes: XS-XL

Homolgation:  FIA STANDARD 8856-2018

*Images are for illustrative purposes only. Pictured: Fully custom printed One Art Race suit, One Art gloves and One Art shoes 


  1. Decide upon your preferred OMP suit you want to customize, based on technical features, style and colour. Also decide if you want the suit to be custom made to your measurements or use standard suit sizing.
  2. Click on the measurement form attached under the Size Chart tab.
  3. Complete the form and email it to us at Raceline:                                         or call us if you want to discuss further or need assistance: 0428 887 223
  4. Also email us your logos in high quality format and your requests for logo placement/ design requirements (accepted logo formats: .ai .eps, .pdf or jpg high res – min 300dpi).
  5. We will arrange a no-obligation quote with OMP to make the suit and send you renderings of your design. We then contact you to discuss and confirm the price and expected timeframe for completion (delivery can be up to 4-5 weeks though subject to change).
  6. A minimum 50% deposit is required before suit production commences.



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