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Longacre Durometer Gauge – LON52-50546


LON50546 Longacre Tyre Durometer

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Measure the hardness of a tyre to gauge which tyre is best suited to a particular session etc, the reading will allow you identify quickly to softer/harder rubber among your tyres.

If a tyre is too hard it will not generate as much grip and will not bite, and a tyre which is too soft could wear out too quickly. The hardness of the rubber on a tyre changes over its lifecycle but with the Longacre Durometer you will know exactly where you are.

– Large Clear Dial – allows you to check quickly and easily

– Reads from 0-100 points

For the most consistent results rock the durometer from angled back past straight up to angled forward. The pointer will move up to the highest (true) reading, then back down. Record the highest reading reached. The durometer must have a rectangular base to do this properly. If you just push straight down you may get inconsistent and inaccurate results.