Cool Shirt - Cool Shirt Portable Bag System


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Cool Shirt® Personal Cooling Systems new Bag System for racecar drivers is a new completely portable system. The Bag System utilizes a lightweight, water-proof canvas denier bag with a 12V internal pump, insulated water hose and the original HANS-Friendly Cool Shirt®.

Developed for use in all types of racing, it provides a driver cooling alternative for racecars that have limited space with no room for the standard coolers. The system comes in two sizes (6 qt and 12 qt) and provides the same superior cooling as our other racing systems.

It helps keep drivers cool and mentally alert right through their final laps, when heat fatigue usually occurs.

  • 6-Qt weight approx 1.5 lbs and up to 2.5 - 3 hours cooling time
  • 12-Qt weight approx 2.5 lbs and 3+ hours cooling time

Comes with:

1 off - 6 (BS-6)or 12 qt (BS-12) portable cooler with pump,.

1 off - Cool Shirt - cotton*specify size when ordering*(CW-xx).

1 off - 8-foot tubing(H-8).


Optional item:

  • Universal Drain Kit - to enable melted ice to be drained. (DH-1)
  • SFI rated, or SFI rated moisture wicking Cool Shirt
  • Optional quick connect/safety pull fittings (PRC-2) 
  • Mounting tray with tie down strap (MT-24)
  • Maintenance Additive 16Oz (MA-16)
  • Temperature Control Switch (FC-1)