Cool Shirt - Cool Air System


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Cool Shirt (Cool Suit) Cool Air Systems are a favorite among those drivers that do not use a Cool Shirt®. Air from the car’s external intake is enhanced via a 135 or 235CFM blower and pushed thru the cooling unit, sending cooled, clean HEPA-4 filtered air to the driver’s helmet. The cooling unit is available in two sizes, depending on your needs: 24qt and a more compact 12qt fit smaller spaces. Helmet not included.


System includes;

- 135 or 235CFM blower (1)

- Metal screen for air filter (1)

- HEPA 4 micron air filter (1)

- Blower Filter Housing 3" ID x 3" ID (1)

- 8’ x 1 ½” diameter heavy duty clear air hose & helmet connector

- 3’ x 3” diameter heavy duty clear intake air hose & connectors

- 12 or 24 Qrt cooler


Mounting Tray & Temperature controller can be purchased separately (FC-1)

Helmet Not included.