Autotel / Kenwood Complete Pit-Car 2-way Radio System


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Most Cost effective Pit to Car Radio System on the market.


Consisting of the highest quality components from Autotel & Kenwood, this kit includes all that you require to have communication between driver and crew chief.

The included Kenwood TK3310 5W Freetalk Radios require no licence for use of all narrow band 80 simplex CB channels, however can be programmed for personal frequencies at additional cost.

This system is simply plug and play, with no special in car wiring required, with the kit including:


2 off  -  Kenwood TK3310 Radios with batteries and chargers

1 off - Kenwood 12V Charger & mount bracket

1 off -  Autotel Pit Crew Headset

1 off -   Autotel Drivers Helmet Kit

1 off -  Autotel Drivers Earplugs

1 off -  Autotel Car Harness

1 off -  Autotel Push to Talk Button

1 off -  Autotel Car Aerial

1 off -  Autotel SMA-BNC Aerial Adaptor




Everything you need to get you communicating.