15 Gallon (57L) Aluminium Race Fuel Cell


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Aluminium Fuel Cells by Proflow

All fuel cells are robotically TIG welded to ensure a perfect finish and superior strength.

Fuel cells come with foam and have a sender as std 0-90ohms (gauges available)

Lower fittings are -10 for Fuel Delivery.

Upper fittings are -8. for Vent and Return

New style billet cap now in stock.

Foam not compatable with E85 or methanol.

Available in 10Gal (38L), 16 Gal (60L) or 22Gal (83L) capacity.

RMRPFEFC010 - 38L 410mm X 380mm X 260mm.

RMRPFEFC015 - 57L 510mm X 460mm X 260mm.

RMRPFEFC020 - 78L 620mm X 510mm X 260mm




-Remote, Capped 45 Deg Filler Neck

-Remote 90 Deg Filler Neck

-Remote straight Deg Filler Neck